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  • 2 forms of identification — Drivers License and a 2nd ID (the 2nd ID can be your SSN card, Work Photo ID, other government ID, passport, or current debit/credit card)
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  • Richmond Public Schools
  • Virginia Union University
  • Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital
  • Metroplitan Business League and Association
  • City to City Auto Sales (MBL Partner)
  • Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation
  • Education Services Corporation n of Virginia
  • The Market @25th Street (MBL partner)
  • Live, work or worship in Blackwell, Manchester or Swansboro
  • Immediate family members of any current member
  • Urban League Young Professionals
  • Other
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Account Services

Account Services

Payable On Death Designations (Optional)

Do you want to designate a Payable on Death (POD) representative on this account?

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UTMA – Uniform Transfers to Minors Act account (Optional)

Do you want to open an UTMA account for a minor (age 1 year to 17 years old)
Parent/Legal Guardian 1 (For Minor Optional)
Parent/Legal Guardian 1 - Name
Parent/Legal Guardian's Address
Date of Birth
Parent/Legal Guardian 2 (For Minor Optional)
Parent/Legal Guardian 2 - Name
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As Custodian(s) For Minor
As Parent/Legal Guardian(s) for Minor Name
Minor's SSN/TIN
Minor's age under the Virginia Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

UTMA Designation of Successor Parent/Legal Guardian (Optional)

Pursuant to the Virginia Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, I hereby designate successor parent/legal guardian(s) for all account listed in the "ACCOUNT TYPE" section. This designation shall take effect only upon my death, resignation, incapacity or removal
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4. Bank Statement

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Transfer from your Richmond Heritage Account

Cash deposit at Richmond Heritage Federal Credit Union

If you select cash deposit options, deposit needs to be in branch by 5 pm on due date

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You can click the Shared branch link or copy it into your browser to see a list of shared branches that you will be able to make deposit.

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